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Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) - Edison Lighthouse Edison Lighthouse - Love Grows Lyrics She ain't got no money Her clothes are kinda funny Her hair is kinda wild and free Oh, but Love grows where my Rosemary goes And nobody knows like me She talks kinda lazy And people say she she's crazy And her life's a mystery Oh, but Love grows where my Rosemary goes And nobody knows like me There's something about her hand holding mine It's a feeling that's fine And I just gotta say She's really got a magical spell And it's working so well That I can't get away I'm a lucky fella And I've just got to tell her That I love her endlessly Because Love grows where my Rosemary goes And nobody knows like me There's something about her hand holding mine It's a feeling that's fine And I just gotta say She's really got a magical spell And it's working so well That I can't get away I'm a lucky fella And I've just got to tell her That I love her endlessly Because Love grows where my Rosemary goes And nobody knows like me Fadeout: It keeps growing every place she's been And nobody knows like me If you've met her, you'll never forget her And nobody knows like me La la la- believe it when you've seen it Nobody knows like me

Monday, September 22, 2008

Beautiful Birthday...

My best ever birthday... It was LoVELy~

21st September 2008...~
the day before my birthday... Sunday. we had Domino's pizza for dinner my Grandma's place... (didn't expect to have them celebrate it for me so early, though.) anyway, we celebrated for my Uncle's as well... and that's probably why we're there so early that day. after pizza, i received angpows from my Grandma and Uncle... and also a lovely bracelet from my Auntie, which her previous company gave it to her on her birthday. [thank you Tai Ku Ma (Eldest Aunt)! Hugs! and to Ah Yan (Grandma) and Yee Pak (Second Uncle)...] later, me and my bro went up to my cousin brother's room to watch movie... and i got a present from him!!! hehe... it was two Nando's RM20 vouchers! haha... simple present, but still very meaningful to me! [thank you Kai Yan!] and so, the night wasn't that young anymore in my Grandma's place... we're were back at home.

twelve o'clock strike... Andrew called up and wished me with his ever loving voice, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUJU!!!". from then on, everything was back on track... a phone call from Donovan, had a long chat about what's happening and all. happy chap of all times! :D and there were messages... from Jake, Jimmy, Yee Jenn and Wan Sim and many more wishes in Facebook!

22nd September 2008...~

woke up to bathe... (my bro called me to signal me to bathe first... lol) went out of my room to switch on the pump, bathed, dressed up, waited awhile in my room for my bro to finish bathing so that i don't have to wait him downstairs... played sushi shuffle on my phone, waited a while more and got my things and walked out of my room. on my way down, my mum called me to follow her up... she was ready with the angpow in hand. we exchanged hugs and i went back down.

in the office, usual peaceful in the morning... but party after eleven. :P well, I'm just happy to be back in the office! hehe... went in to lab one and Han Wei, was the first to wish me then... sat at my place and started my comp. i felt so happy... very happy actually. XD made myself feel like a mad chick! lol... get on with the story then. my colleagues came in a little after eleven, glad to see them and happy that they wished me! (thank you everyone!!!) had lunch then went back to the office, did some work, went online... thanked everyone that has wished me in Facebook and guess what? it was already 4pm plus, it was time for office celebration! the embarrassing moment is when everyone stares and sings for you! haha... but it wasn't that bad, cause one of my colleague's birthday's (Benjamin) coming soon... so we celebrated together. and for the first time we had one cake for two birthday babies in the office. LOL...

Above pic from left to right: Arren Wong, Along, Yuri and me!!!
Below pic: Bee Yen and I...

at night time, i had my baby alone for myself celebrate with me... yea, that's what i thought so. i was curious what he'll give me and also what he'll treat me to. he asked me where do i want to go and i told him that Pyramid would be nice, cause i have a 30% discount voucher from Sinma on my birthday. so he agreed. on our way there he asked me what would i like to have for dinner and it's his treat, he asked me to name it. i did... but he kept changing subjects... it made me worried at first cause he didn't feel comfortable. i kept asking him why, but he wouldn't utter another word to me. (hmmp... why didn't i suspect something? ...nah...) it was the usual him to be uncomfortable when we're in shopping complexes. (he doesn't fancy crowded areas. and yea, so i kept it as it is.) but i did continue asking him where he wants to eat and was he meeting his friends for Dota later, he said "no"... but he said that he'll ask them. so i thought "okay, maybe he wanted to go Dota with them later".) though he kept avoiding eye contact with me... mmm... weird i thought. never mind then, we went to look for my headband and handbag... Andrew got it for me!!! and then he dragged me to look for his wallet... promised that I'll get him one before he goes to UK. went to Tropicana... let him decide on which one he wants. picked out a few and at last i got the red one for him! :D happy him! right! at last he wasn't that suspicious anymore. we walked while i choose where to eat... i didn't asked him when we took the lift down to LG2... cause that's the floor with more choices for food. and believe or not... i was shocked!

there they were... Wei Liang, which he was the first that i noticed (cause he was wearing white and was sitting under the spotlight. *rolled eyes* :D then there was Lilian, WL's girlfriend, Julian, Boon, Jake and Heng Guan at Pizza Hut. SURPRISE! they were there to celebrate my birthday!!! i really didn't believe it! the whole time Andrew was trying to keep the secret that he had everyone come to celebrate it!!! and he definitely did a great job, got me wondering!!! *kisses for my baby!!!* hehe... it was so sweet of everyone! (thank you!) well, we got in and i was pinching and tickling Andrew for doing a good job keeping quiet about the surprise party. XD okay, now to keep the embarrassing moment to myself and well, those who were at the 'crime scene'... *blush* the night continued with us shifting tables to a smaller one because then, Andrew told me that there's another friend of mine who couldn't make it. Basil... was on a trip with his friends after they're exams. and then comes the present that Andrew kept insisting that we watch it first... here it is... I'm sharing it with everyone, in words to show my appreciation. Enjoy!


(embarrassing moment comes in from here...) *blush* Not TELLING!!! T.T"'

after dinner, they asked for the birthday cake... which was a surprise to me too cause then it'll be my third birthday cake!!! *pinches my chubby cheeks*

Above pic: Mya bwedday cake! Below pic: huff and puff and blow!

Above and Below pic: Andrew bibi and Me...

Above pic: Lilian and I~ Below pic: Heng Guan, Me and Boon.

Above pic: Lilian, Wei Liang and Me. Below pic from front: Jake, Me and Julian.

Above pic: the person whom didn't attend the party... and was on a trip with his friends... Basil... and Me.

last but not least, i would like to thank my boyfriend Andrew, Andrew's parents Uncle Gary and Auntie Susan, my brother and mum and relatives , friends, colleagues and close friends for all you wishes and love and time and also beautiful presents... i am blessed with all the loving people around me. i would like to thank Basil, Andrew, Lilian, Wei Liang, Heng Guan, Boon and Jake for the lovely surprise party and the beautiful videos.

special thanks to Andrew... i wouldn't have experienced these moments if it wasn't for you. thank you for being here and there me when i needed you, for having beautiful friends to celebrate with me... (and sorry for how my parents are treating you. my guess is they'll never know what a wonderful person you are... so i'm apologizing on behalf of them.) for the Visa company... thank you for not getting it done. because then, i wouldn't get to celebrate my birthday with Andrew for the second time. and sorry also Bibi that you didn't get it. it'll be fine, you'll get it on time this time! i love you Andrew!


Andrew said...

I Love You Too! Hehe. When I think about it it always makes me laugh. Glad you like it! Waited for this post to get posted since this morning. Nice to see it's done! Good job! Happy Birthday 22nd Birthday! Hehe.

CarAndu said...

thank you bibi!!! i thought it's going to take another day! sob... but it's done! hehe... :D i'm so happy! and i can't stop watching the videos!!!

Poke poke!

Basil said...

sorry for interrupting, ;p
happy birthday again haane.. here's to more down the road..

CarAndu said...

hey Base! thank you again too! i heard that it's your idea of making this videos... :D help me thank Susanna ya! thank you!

Basil said...

lol instead of the person who didnt make it to the party.. can give me some other cooler title ah.. like you said.. the idea guy behind the music video.. haha..

oh yeah can i upload it onto youtube? the love grows vid.. better ask you first since it's you we were singing to

cheezy said...

happy belated bday!!! like 6 days later @_@

CarAndu said...

lol... thanks again! and to Xiaowen!!! XD better late then nothing right?! thank you thank you! where have you been?! T.T miss you!

and for Basil... err... you'll have to ask them... i've thought of uploading it, but erm... hehe... *blush* i think you had better ask the rest too... :D


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